About Us

How we can help you

We work with you to bring your product or design to commercial reality. We can help you source leather and other materials if that’s what you need. Once you hand over your production to us you can rest assured that it will be executed to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

We believe in forming strong, collaborative working relationships with our clients, so its good to meet face to face, whether you come to see us in Walsall or we go to meet you. Once we’re clear on your requirements, we will give you a quote and agree production timeframes. We can also provide samples before going into full production for larger runs.

Who we are

We are a small group of dedicated craftworkers who are passionate about every aspect of leatherwork. Between us, we have many decades of experience in leather craft. We are meticulous in everything we do and take great pride in what we make. Most of us are from Walsall, so we are steeped in the tradition of leatherwork.

What we do

We make small, and not so small, leathergoods primarily for West End retailers, design agencies and corporate clients. Document folders, notebook covers, menu and guestroom folders, photograph frames, albums, games and lots more. See a small selection of what we have made in the Portfolio section. And we’re constantly adding new products and styles as we work with our clients, old and new, to develop new ideas.

How we make

Everything we produce is made from scratch, by us. Properly handmade in England, using traditional skills. The only equipment we use is hand-operated, mainly clicker presses (for cutting out leather shapes), splitters (for thinning down leather), skivers (for thinning edges to make neater seams) and sewing machines. We do not, and never will, import part-made goods, stick a label on them and pass them off as Made in England.